Applied DGST summary week 5

This week we learned about “why program”. Why program? We also read programs to be programmed. I learned that computers are more than what they are. This means that they are things as well as tools. People benefit from programming because they are learning constructively on important issues. I learned from reading that article that computers are not just a device but rather an instrument trying to have persuasive and powerful models for those who are using the devices. Learning more about digital technology can be very impactful for anyone because not that many people live without technology these days. We also read an article by Rushkoff. I learned that everyone who is using a technological tool has something they intend to do, however the tool might do something totally different. As well, bias can come up in the media especially if you keep on reading the same thing over and over again. The way the use is tilted and that is the median and that can turn into bias. I also learned that back in 2010 there is an elite group of revolution writers. We also learned a little bit about java.

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