digital journalism

During my research, I learned all about digital tools and the ways in which journalism has advanced. There was television and  internet journalism, there was the newspaper or what they called “print journalism. This Print journalism has been around for centuries and it is still active today, but often found online. It is online now because we are trying to save the planet so that we can live a little bit longer. During the 1900s the radio became more and more popular. Families purchased them  to listen to the news to see what was happening during the war times. Many of their family members were serving in the military, so it was also a way to make sure that their family members were still alive and fighting for their country. There were different channels on the radio, just like there is on cable television, so that if you didn’t want to listen to the news you could also listen to a skit/play or a game show and play along with the host. Families in the early 1900s tuned into the radio every Thursday to hear their favorite game show. It was really exciting back then to do this because after a long week you could relax and listen to the radio with your family. After the radio was out, the television came out. It first was only available in black and white models, until The Wizard of Oz was made, the first film to have color. This was ten years after the first television came out in 1928. This development was significant because instead of just listening to something on the radio you could watch and listen to media on the television screen. Families came together to watch movies and shows with each other on a Saturday night for fun. The first three channels options on the television were ABC, CBS and NBC. This is significant to now because now there are more than a thousand channels with multiple shows and options. In 1928, you only had three channels with only three options to watch something. After a few decades , color television became more common. Digital journalism is so much more advanced then where it was in the early 1900s with only being on “print” and now digital journalism is on the web, cable, still on “print” and through social media. If we think about it, digital journalism will be even more advanced in one hundred years than where it is today. 

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